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A logo is an essential business element. It acts as an extension of the company’s image and somehow helps in building a strong brand identity. It is often used on letterhead, marketing materials, promotional products, and even on employee’s custom embroidered uniforms. Coming up with a good company logo is not so easy. The images that make up the whole logo should be able to correlate with the message that the business want to impose to its potential customers. It is best if the customers will be able to easily identity what products or services the company is offering by merely looking on its logo. But sad to day, not all companies are aware about these things. And it is the reason why so many business establishments out there bear an awkward logo design. And such kind of logo often becomes the talk of the town.

Here are some of the companies that are put in the limelight because of their controversial logo designs rather than good business performance. 


Arlington Pediatric Center is an outpatient medical facility for children. As you can see in the logo, the images do not communicate the appropriate message. Looking at the images itself, who would think that this is a healthcare facility for children? I think this logo will best fit on centers for pedophile.


Another logo design for a computer repair shop that sends wrong meaning. Replacing the letter u with an image of a computer mouse (which happens to be illustrated with another meaning) makes it a bad logo design.

 Kudawara Pharmacy is a Japanese company that dispenses and sells medicinal drugs.  But looking at those little logo figures, it seems that the letter K (with 2 dots above the letter) looks like two people doing something interesting.

Instituto de Estudos Orientais is an institute for higher learning based in Brazil.This is another logo design with double meaning. What the images actually want to portray from this logo is an oriental house in front of a setting sun. Unfortunately, the logo designer fails to illustrate it in a nice way that’s why at first glance, some will think it is a logo for a porn site.

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